Purpose of Donation

Donations fuel the sport programs and make a difference in the world. Our mission at AIPA is evolving aroung increasing the potential and awareness of this new game, PICKLEBALL. Pickleball is a fun, social, and easy game. Pickleball's simple rules make it easy for all ages and skill levels to get involved and make a difference. Players can join in the fun as singles or doubles, get competitive, or simply enjoy a friendly game while raising awareness and funds.

We hope these fundings will do good to the Sport World and its Sportsman. Donations help motivate and fulfil our mission.

Donations will be a great way to help us expand our grant programs which foster the growth and development of the sport through the creation of new programs in schools, recreation centers and other venues.We also use funds to expand, host tournaments and provide general awareness within their communities.

Donations are always appreciated as we continue growing this great game! We are hoping to raise enough interest in the sport. Since this game can be played by all ages, players get to know other community members all while getting some exercise and wellness time together.

Purpose of Donation
We are striving to get our youth off of video games and smart phones, while addressing the youth obesity problem with real solutions.We wish to incorporate pickleball in the athletic programs and providing the required Training to Students.

We wish to improve the mental and physical lives of fireman, policeman, youth who need a physical outlet and who may not have the resources or access to participate in The Pickleball Tournament or League.

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